Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 7, 2018

John Whitman
August 7, 2018

Movement - Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Backward, Left, and Right
Round Kick
Drill: "Find your partner around the world." 1 striker, 1 tombstone pad holder. Striker lays face down, eyes shut. Pad holder relocates somewhere else in the room. When instructor yells, "GO!" strikers get up, find their partner, then throw flurry round kicks & groin kicks as pad holder moves tombstone in U-shape pattern. Once instructor calls, "Time!" striker's reset and pad holders find a new spot.
Choke from the Front (1-handed)


Defensive Front Kick
Review: Back Fall Break and Technical Stand-up
Ground - Kick off from Guard
Ground - Foot Grab Strip
A/B Drill: Half the class attacks, other half defends. Defenders stand in passive stance, eyes shut. Attackers may do any of the following: (1) approach with a kick shield and verbally get defender's attention for Defensive Front Kick, (2) perform a simple tackle of defender to end up in guard, (3) Moderately shove the defender to "knock them down" and grab one of their feet. Safety note: Tackling and shoving defenders should cause an urgent fall, but be controlled enough to allow defenders to successfully Fall Break.


Overhand Right Punch
Focus Mitt Drill: Round 1 - Review Combos 7 (Uppercut/Cross/Hook) & 8 (Uppercut/Hook/Cross). Round 2 - Replace all Crosses with Overhand punches for combo "7-Over" (Uppercut/Overhand/Hook) & "8-Over" (Uppercut/Hook/Overhand). Round 3 - Freework combos 7, 7-Over, 8, & 8-Over.
Ground - Leg Triangle from Guard
Sparring Drill: 1-for-1, partners take turns throwing any combination 1-10 (hands only) to set up a basic take-down/tackle to guard. Once in guard, person on bottom executes a Leg Triangle while person on top provides appropriate resistance to make it difficult, but not impossible.

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