Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 24, 2018

John Whitman
April 24, 2018

Palm Strike
Palm Strike Combo: Left/Right/Right
Elbow #1
Combo: Palm Strikes Left/Left/Right/Right Elbow
Knees – emphasize control and turn, use attacker as a shield
Choke Front (1 handed pluck)
Awareness Drill: groups of 3; defender closes his eyes; the attacker makes the choke, while a third person stands somewhere nearby; the defender must defend, then spin the attacker so that he is between the defender and the third person

Hook Punch
Combos 3 & 4
Combos 6 (rear straight/front hook/rear straight) and 7 (front hook/rear straight/front hook)
Defense v. Hook Punch (extended)
Defense v. Hook Punch (covering)
Inside Defense review
Drill: defend straight or hook (left only, then right only)
Sparring: light sparring, 50% speed, with straights and hooks

Punch one direction, kick in another
Drill: Group of 3. 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker, 1 kick shield holder. Focus mitt holder and striker free work. Kick shield holder approaches striker and gets attention verbally. Striker includes a kick with any punch of the current combination.
Full Nelson – throw
Full Nelson – sweep
Drill: Defender stands in the middle of a crash pad with eyes closed. Attacker applies full nelson. Defender either throws attacker forward or sweeps attacker backward and finishes with combatives.

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