Lesson Plans Tuesday April 2, 2013

John Whitman
April 2, 2013

Hammerfist forward
Hammerfist down
front kick to the groin, come in for 2 down hammerfists
Round kick
pile of pad drill: all pads get put in the middle of the room, people divide up and go to either side of the room and lay on their bellies. On the instructor "Go" they jump up and scramble to get a pad, hold for either hammerfist forward or round kick. Anyone who doesn't get to a pad, has to make the combatives till instructor calls "time".
choke from behind with a push

Headbutts - fwd, side, back, up
360 with counterattacks
Choke from behind against the wall
Drill: groups of 3, 1 person with back to the wall, defending against an attacker making 360s. 3rd person is behind the 360 attacker and at any point makes a choke from behind pushing them against the wall. The person defending the 360s will have to quickly get out of the way as the choke attack is made.

Punch one direction, kick another
Gun from the front
gun from the front 2 handed technique

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