Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 10, 2018

John Whitman
April 10, 2018

Elbow #4
Elbow #5
Drill: 1 striker, 1 tombstone pad holder. Striker starts in passive stance, pad holder bumps striker with pad. Striker delivers either elbow 4 or 5 and gets to control position as quick as possible. 3-5 combatives once in control position before resetting.
Headlock from Behind
Drill: Same as above, but now add headlock from behind to possible attacks

Uppercut back kick
Drill: Partners practice delivering uppercut back kick & turning into control position as quick as possible. Deliver combatives once in control position before resetting.
Ground - Headlock from side (weight forward)
Ground - Headlock from side (weight back)
Rodeo Drill: 1 minute rounds. Each partner gets to be attacker (Ground - headlock from side) for a full minute. Attacks may only shift weight forward & backward to prevent defender from escaping. Defender must escape as many times as possible in 1 minute.

Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Thai Pads: 3, 1-minute rounds. Freework combinations. Mix in as many jumping spinning back kicks as possible.
Ground - Guillotine
Ground - Defense vs. Guillotine
Ground Sparring: 90 second rounds. Both participants try for submissions (maintaining a dominant position is a secondary objective). Light palm strikes are allowed, particularly if any participants attempt to simply hold on and stop trying to improve their position.

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