Lesson Plans Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Whitman
March 21, 2013


L/R Combo
Right Elbow #1
Knee Strikes (Regular)
Combo:L/R straight punches, Elbow Strike #1 followed by KneeS
Choke from the front (2 Handed)
2ppl/1 puching shield
Defender- eyes closed
Attacker- at any given time attacked defender with a front choke or bump them with the pad
Defender- If bumped attacked the pad with strong and aggressive strikes
- If choked- Fast and aggressive defense

- Reset


Side Kick
Back Kick
Spinning Back Kick
Side Kick followed by Back kick
Bear Hug from behind (Quick Review)
Bear Hug from behind with a lift
· 3ppl/1 punching Shield/1 Kicking Shield
· Striker- Strong and aggressive strikes on the punching shield
· Attacker w/Kicking Shield- (Assuming the striker is right handed) approaches the striker from the left side and gives a verbal que
· Striker, executes a spinning back kick and stays on the pad till attacker with punching shield bumps the striker
· Striker must immediately turn and attack the pad
· Attackers at any given time may attack the striker with either basic Bear Hug from behind or Bear Hug from behind with a lift (be sure to mix it up!)

Focus Mitts
· Jab/Cross/Slip to the right
· Cross/Hook/Slip to the left/Hook/Cross
· Slip right/Slip left/Hook/Cross/Hook
· Now, Put it all together! 🙂
Outside Slap Kick & Front Kick
Outside Slap Kick & Front Kick with a Switch
Cavalier (Quick Review)
Knife - Downward Stab
Knife - Upward Stab
· 2pp
· Defender- Eyes Closed
· Attacker- Gives verbal que and attacks with either Ice pick or Upward stab
· To make the drill a bit more unpredictable, attacker may also attack with any level 1 & 2 techniques

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