Lesson Plans Thursday, September 2, 2021

John Whitman
September 2, 2021

Elbows 1-3
Combo: L/R Straight + R Elbow 1
Knees w/ Clinch
Combo: L/R Straight + R Elbow + Clinch/Knees
Advanced: Gun from Behind (touching)

Hook Punch
Bas Combos 1-4
Defense vs. Round Kick Absorb & Shin Block

Groups of 2, A/B. Gloves on, used as focus mitts. A sends Bas 4 + RHK. B defends kick, then sends combo.

Bearhug Behind (Lifting)

W/U DRILL: Advanced Shoulder Tag
Rnd 1: One for One 360 attack/defend only
Rnd 2: One for One 360 attack/defend + counter
Rnd 3: One for One 360 attack/defend + counter + finish
Hip Throw
Cavaliers 1-4
Knife Downward Stab
Hollywood Attack: Downward Stab + Defense + Hip Throw + Control/Takeaway

Final Drill:
Groups 3, padholder, defender, attacker w/ knife. All out strikes to pad. Attacker cues, defender faces, knife attack to takedown. Back on pad.

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