Lesson Plans Thursday, September 19, 2013

John Whitman
September 19, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Punches-Left/Right Combination

Round Kick- emphasis on Switch Round Kick

Introduce Thai Pads- 3 Rounds of 2 Minutes; Combiantions 1-4 (Straight Punches) plus Round Kicks; Add 30 seconds of punches non-stop to the last 2 rounds.

Choke from the Front  (2-Handed)

Choke from the Behind

Drill:  3 people

1 person stands with a pad at one end of the room, 2nd  person stands at the other end of the room with their eyes closed.  The 3rd person is the attacker, does either choke from the front, or Choke from Behind.  2nd person defends, then runs down to the other end to make 10 Straight punches to the pad holder, then takes the pad.  Meanwhile the 3rd person closes their eyes and waits for the 1st person to some and attack them. (Rotating Drill)


Intermediate (C3)

Uppercut Punch

Hook Punch

Combo- Left Uppercut, Right Cross, Left Hook

Defensive Front Kick

Drill: 3 people- Focus Mitts & a Large Kicking Shield,

Striker works the above combination on the Focus Mitts, person with the Kicking shield gives a verbal signal and steps towards the striker, Striker delivers a Defensive Front Kick and continues working the Mitts.

Bearhug Front Arms Caught

Bearhug Front Lifting

Bearhug Behind Lifting

Bearhug Behind Arms Caught

Drill: Groups of 4-5

Defender is in the middle, non stop aggressive Bearhugs!

Ground- arm lock from the side


Advanced (C3)

Jumping Front Kick

Jumping Round Kick

Combo- Jumping Front Kick, Jumping RoundKick, Jumping Front Kick

3 Rounds- 5x Right Leg, 5x Left Leg, 5 Jump Squats

Headlock from the Side, spinning inward

Knife- kick from distance

Knife- defense v. downward stab


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