Lesson Plans Thursday, September 12,2013

John Whitman
September 12, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Movement-Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back

Punches- Left/Right Combination

Drill: Groups of 2, Small Shield; Striker and Pad holder move around, once the pad holder stops striker delivers Left/Right combination, On instructors command ("GO"), Striker delivers fast and aggressive punches non stop until instructor calls "TIme", and then continues with movement and slow punches

Front Kick  (Groin)

Round Kick

360 Defense

Choke from Behind

Choke from the side

Drill: Groups of 3; Defender non stop strikes on pad, attacker; makes choke from Behind or Choke from the Side

Ground- Front Kick

Ground-Round Kick


Intermediate (C3)

Left Hook

Spinning Heel Kick

Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Spinning Heel Kick

Focus Mitts- 2 Rounds of 2 Minutes; Combinations 1-4, include spinning heel kicks in the combinations.

Headlock the side

Bearhug Front Arms Free (space)

Hair Grab Side, impending knee

Drill: Disturbance

Groups of 4-5; One attacker, One defender, everyone else grabs a pad, Defender in the middle; pad holders are SAFELY bumping and shoving the defender, while yelling and making lots of noise.  Attacker; at any given time makes any of the above self defenses. Defender; makes an appropriate and aggressive defense and back in the middle..


Advanced (C3)

Thai Pads combinations opposite stance 2 Rounds of 2 Minutes

Axe Kick

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Face-to-Face Throw (head gear recommended for safety!)

General Def. v. Medium to High Kicks

Gun from the Front, pushing into stomach

Headlock from the side, spinning inward

Drill: Defender; Eyes closed, attacker; Gun from the Front, Pushing into stomach, Headlock from the side spinning inward or give a verbal signal, Med to High Round Kick.



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