Lesson Plans Thursday, October 8, 2012

John Whitman
November 9, 2012

Advancing Straight Punch (this might be review)
Inside Defense (this might be review)
Straight Punch Low
Defense v. Straight Punch Low
Drill: defend Right Straight Punch high or low
Drill: defend Left Straight Punch high or low
Drill: defend either

Front Kick - emphasize high kick
Round Kick - emphasize high kick
Defense v. High Front Kick
Defense v. High Round Kick
Drill - defend either High Front Kick or High Round Kick; try from a passive stance
Bearhug Front, Arms Caught
Drill: defender's eyes are closed until verbal signal; defend high kick or bearhug

Focus Mitts -- 3 rounds, all combinations -- pad holder sometimes shoot in for takedown OR hit with focus mitts
Double Leg Takedown - emphasize that you do NOT have to lift attacker off the ground, just drive through them
Gun Front
Drill: eyes closed, either Gun Front or Takedown, defender must sprawl

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