Lesson Plans Thursday, October 19, 2017

John Whitman
October 19, 2017

Beginner (B1)

Punches Straight

Straight Punch Low

Combination: Left/Right combination, Straight Punch Low

Elbow 4-7

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Choke from the Front with a push

Drill: Eyes closed, defend choke with a push or Inside defense v. Straight Punch Low

Intermediate (D1)

Muay Thai Pads

Round 1- Cross, Hook, Right Round Kicks, Right Knee

Round 2- Cross, Hook, Cross, Left Round Kicks, Left Knee

Round 3- Cross, Hook, Right Round Kicks, Right Knee,

Cross, Hook, Cross, Left Round Kicks, Left Knee

Choke from Behind with a pull

Drill: Basic combos on pads, Choke from behind with a pull

Advanced (D1)

2 Back Kicks with a switch

Drill: Groups of 3, Large Shield, Focus Mitts; Combinations on focus mitts, 3rd person walks towards striker from behind with a large shield and gives a verbal signal, striker; 2 Back Kicks with a Switch and continue working combination on pads

Advanced Gun- under chin, in mouth, grabbing hair etc.

Advanced Gun- from Kneeling Position

Drill: Punching or Kicking, gun under chin, or gunman from distance orders defender to kneel, then approaches; defender must make the gun defense from a Kneeling position

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