Lesson Plans Thursday, May 30, 2013

John Whitman
May 30, 2013

Beginner (B2)
Straight Palm He strikes
Combo- L, L, R
- R, L, R
Knee Strikes- Muay Tai Clinch, deliver 2 Knee strikes at a time.
Drill: 2 Groups; A's & B's
A's are strikers, B's are pad holders.
Pad holders, scatter around the room, some hold for punches and some hold for knee strikes.
Strikers- Pick any pad holder to start.. Non stop strong, aggressive strikes, on instructors cue, quickly switch to another pad holder and continue striking. Repeat till the end of round and Switch!
360 Defenses
Choke from the Front (2Handed)
Choke from Front with a push
Drill: Defender; eyes closed, Attacker; give a verbal cue attack 360, Choke from front and Choke from front with a push

Intermediate (B2)
Hook Punch
Thai Pads- 2-2 min Rounds
Drill: Slow & Fast
Pad holder; call out a single strike for the striker to do, ie) Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Elbows
Striker; on command, Double up on the technique called and make it SUPER powerful! Many times during the Round the instructor will yell "Fast", on command start striking as fast and as strong as you can, when instructor yells "Slow", back to power shots..
Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on the Center Line
Bearhug from Front Arms trapped
Bearhug from Behind Arms trapped
Drill: Groups of 3
Defender; eyes closed, attacker any level 1 self defense+ Bearhug from Front & Behind arms trapped, Pad holder; as soon as the attack is on start walking towards the defender (not too fast!), Defender; neutralize the threat right away, spin and identify the new threat and strike!
Ground- Guard Reversal
Ground-Arm Bar From the Guard

Advanced (B2)
3 min Rounds/ 30 sec Rest
Thai Pads:
Round 1- Basic Combinations w/Kicks
- sprawl, 2 push ups and 2 sit throughs
-Round 2- Basic Combinations- at any given time, Pad holder yells "Down", striker-gets on their back, pad holder straddles striker.. Basic Combos from the ground with striker on their back.
-Pad holder- Yells "up", striker- Gets up, opposite stance
-Round 3- Power Shots
Pad holder- call out a single technique (ie: Cross, Hook etc...)
Striker- Deliver the technique fast and strong, 2x
** Think Knock Out Power**
Sweep with heel kick
Drill: 2 ppl
Defender; eyes closed, Attacker any level 1 & 2 technique, Defender; make the appropriate defense and sweep when possible
Gun from the side or in front of the Arm
Advanced Gun- from the Side or Behind, Assailant using off Hand

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