Lesson Plans Thursday, May 2, 2019

John Whitman
May 2, 2019


Straight Punches

Hammerfist to the Side - include turn and continue wit straight punches


Choke From Behind

Drill: attacker makes Choke From Behind; defender makes the defense; sometimes the attacker steps back, then attacks with 360



Focus Mitts: Right/Left Hook and Left Hook/Right

Slip Straight Punch

Focus Mitts: Right/Left Hook/slip right punch/Left Hook/Right

Focus mitts: Left Hook/Right/slip left punch/Right/Left Hook

Basic Clinch Defense/Spin on Centerline

Drill: focus mitt combinations as above, but sometimes the pad holder closes to clinch range and the puncher works the basic clinch/spin on centerline

Reverse Headlock



Mouth of Hand Punch

Self Defense Review: eyes closed; do any self defense from levels 1 and 2, include Mouth of Hand punch in counterattacks when possible

Gun from Behind, Touching

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