Lesson Plans Thursday, May 15, 2014

John Whitman
May 14, 2014


Left/Right Combination

Front Kick Vertical Target


Combination: Left/Right/Right Front Kick Vertical Target/Left Knee

Headlock from Behind

Headlock from Behind Variations- defend against a deeper, carotid headlock (but not "rear naked choke"); if failure, try a groin strike and then return to the defense

Headlock from Behind Variations- being dragged (slowly, gently for beginners)


Bobbing/weaving/slipping punches

Focus Mitt Combination- L-Jab/R-Cross/Bob and Weave/L-Hook/R-Cross

Focus Mitt Combination- Slip to the right/R-Cross/L-Hook/R-Cross

Outside Slap Kick

Focus Mitts- Basic combinations, include Bobbing/weaving/Slipping punches and Outside Slap Kick

Inside Defense v. Left Punch

Inside Defense v. Right Punch

Defense v. High Round Kick (Reflexive)

Drill: High Round Kick or straight punch: defend and counter appropriately


Mouth of Hand Punch

Spinning Heel Kick

Focus Mitts- Combinations, include- Spinning heel kick and hand of mouth punch

Sweep with Heel Kick

Drill: Groups of 2; defense against any level 1 & 2 techniques, go for the sweep when available.

Knife- kick from distance

Knife- defense v. downwards stab

Drill: Groups of 2; defender eyes closed, defend against Knife from distance or downward stab


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