Lesson Plans Thursday, March 28, 2024

John Whitman
March 27, 2024


Front Kick Vertical Target review

Knees – include Muay Thai Clinch

Knees – spinning on the centerline (explain concept of using attacker as a shield)

Combination: Front Kick Vertical Target, Clinch, Knee, spin, Knee

360 – include counterattacks

Drill: 2 attackers; defender’s eyes are closed; on verbal signal, the defender opens his eyes and either makes Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee combination or defends 360 and counterattacks; in either case, the defender must then spin to avoid a 2nd attacker


Drill: Tabata Ground and Pound- 4 Rounds of 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest between rounds.

Defensive Front Kick

-Defensive front Kick followed by counter attacks

Drill: Groups of 2, 2 large shields; striker; non- stop strikes from mount position, pad holder gives a verbal signal “Hey!” and starts to walk towards striker, striker; quickly stands, makes a Defensive Front Kick and continues with counter attacks until pad holder calls “time!”, Striker then gets back to working the pad from mount position.

Outside Defense 1-3 Review

Hairgrab from the Front

Drill: eyes closed, hair grab OR verbal signal and defend wild punch

Bearhug Front Arms Caught

Drill: as above, add in bearhug



2 Front Kicks with a Switch

Drill:  10 rounds- 5 Jump Squats, 3 x 2 Front Kicks with a Switch

Sliding Def. v. High Round Kick

Stick- left handed attacker

Drill: Sliding defense v. high round kick OR stick


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