Lesson Plans Thursday, March 28, 2013

John Whitman
March 28, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Movement- Fighting Stance- Forward, Back, Left, Right

Front Kick to a vertical target

Front Kick to a vertical target followed by Left and Right punches

Choke from Behind

Choke from the side

Ground- Back Position

Ground- Getting up


3ppl/1 punching shield

Defender- Start from back position on ground

· Get up correctly and attack the pad

Attacker- Attack the striker with choke from behind or Choke from the side

Defender- Fast and aggressive defense


Intermediate (A3)

Focus Mitts- Hook Punch

· Upper cut punch


· Left Upper Cut, Left Hook, Right Cross

· Right Upper Cut, Right Cross, Left Hook

· Put it together!

Defense v. Low Front Kick (Redirect)

Outside Defense v. Right Punch

Bear Hug front Arms Free (Neck Leverage)

Drill: 2ppl

· Defender Eyes Closed

· Attacker- Give verbal Cue then attack with either a Low Front Kick, Right Punch or Bear Hug

Advance (A3)

Thai Pads- Basic Combos- includes, Kicks, Knees, Elbows

· Double up on the last technique of every combo

2 Front kicks with a switch

Spinning Heel Kick

Flow Drill: Fighting stance

· L-Round Kick, Right Spinning Heel Kick, R-Round Kick, L-Hook Kick

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

Stopping Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

Stick Over Head

Stick Left Handed

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