Lesson Plans Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Whitman
June 4, 2014

Beginner (B3)
Hammerfist to the side
Drill: 2ppl/1 pad
Defender; eyes closed. Pad holder; bumps defender from the either side or gives a verbal signal, Defender; executes a hammerfist to the side, turns to face the pad and continues with counter attacks until pad holder calls time!
Wrist Releases
Choke from side
Ground- Getting up
Drill: 3ppl/1 pad
Defender starts on the ground (laying on stomach) with their eyes closed.  Pad holder moves anywhere in the room. Defender; on instructors signal, eyes open, get up, locate and advance towards the pad holder with non- stop strikes. Attacker; makes choke from the side. Defender; fast and aggressive defense!
Intermediate (B3)
Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on the centerline
Spinning Heel Kick
Focus Mitts:
Round 1- Basic combinations, include spinning heel kick.
Round 2- Basic combinations, spinning heel kick, Pad holder- At any given time, shoot in to simulate a takedown- striker makes Basic Takedown Defense and spin on the center line, disengage and continue working the pads.
Outside Defense v. Right Punch
Bearhug Behind (finger leverage)
Bearhug Behind (lifting)
Drill: Monkey in the Middle
Groups of 4-5
Non stop attacks- Any level 1 &2 techniques, include Bearhug from Behind (finger leverage & lifting)
Ground-Escape from the Guard (gouge and stack)
Advanced (B3)
Muay Thai Pads: Opposite Stance
Round 1- Basic Combinations, Elbows, Knees, sprawls
Round 2- Basic Combinations, Elbows, Knees, sprawls, Med & High Round kicks
Round 3- After every combination, execute 2 Round Kicks (Med & High)
Spinning Outside slap kick
General Defense v. Med to High Kicks
Sliding Defense v. Med to High Kicks
Double Leg Takedown
Stick- Overhead Defense

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