Lesson Plans Thursday, June 27, 2019

John Whitman
June 27, 2019


Note: this class will have a lot of combative and drills to tire out the students. The end of class will include wrist releases, which are slow. Make them exhausted first!

Combination: Left/Right

Straight Punch Low

Combination: Left/Right/Right Straight Punch Low

Combination: Left Straight Punch Low/Right

Front Kick (groin)

Round Kick

Drill: Horseshoe Drill!

Drill: move around the room, give front kick or round kick

Wrist Releases



Elbow #2 (review)

Hammerfist to the Side (review)

Side Kick

Drill: eyes closed, attacker hits with pad from either side, then holds at different ranges; defender must recognize the range and give the appropriate attack (elbow, hammerfist, or side kick) then follow up with additional counterattacks

Bearhug From Behind, Leverage On Finger

Drill: as above, but also include Bearhug From Behind



Focus mitts: 2 rounds of 3 minutes, include slips and counters

Ground - defend against kicks (block similar to round kick defenses), then get up. You can include the Single Leg Takedown (toe pick) if you know it!

Hip Throw

Drill: from the clinch, Partner A makes Hip Throw, then kicks Partner B; Partner B makes kick defense on the ground and gets up

Gun From Behind At A Distance

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