Lesson Plans Thursday, June 22, 2017

John Whitman
June 22, 2017

Beginner Class (B3)
Movement- Fighting stance Moving forward, Left, Right, Back
Straight Punch Low
Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Front kick vertical target follow by L&R Combination, Drop levels-Straight Punch Low.
Inside Defense
Inside Defense v. Low punch
Choke from Front (1 handed)
Drill: Defender; Eyes closed Attacker; makes a Choke from front or gives a verbal signal and makes a Straight Punch Low
Ground- Side Kick
Ground- Getting up
Drill: 2ppl/Large shield
Striker; non stop strikes on the pad. instructors signal, drop to the ground, Side position, position, Side kick from the ground, quickly get up and continue working the pads. Repeat!
Intermediate Class (B3)
Focus Mitts- Left Jab, Right Uppercut, Left Hook, Right Cross
Defensive Back kick
Drill: Groups of 3, Focus Mitts, Large Kicking Shield; Striker; works todays combination on focus mitts, 2nd pad holder walks towards striker from behind and gives verbal signal, striker; makes a back kick and continues working the mitts.
Choke from Behind against the Wall
Choke from Behind with a pull
Drill: defender; eyes closed, defend against-Choke from Behind against the Wall,
Choke from Behind with a pull
Ground- arm lock from the side
Advanced Class (B3)
3 Round Drill
Thai Pads- 3-2 min. rounds- opposite stance
Spinning Outside Slap Kick
Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick
Plucking/Rowing defense v. A Side Kick
Drill: defender; eyes closed, attacker; gives a verbal signal and makes either a Spinning Heel Kick or a Side Kick
Face-to-Face throw
Stick-Overhead Defense
Stick-Baseball bat swing
Drill: 2ppl/1 large shield; defender- Muay Thai Clinch- Non stop knee strikes
attacker- Gives a verbal signal and makes a stick- Overhead or baseball bat swing, defender; makes the appropriate defense and continues with knees!!

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