Lesson Plans Thursday, June 1, 2023

John Whitman
June 1, 2023

Palm Heel strikes
Drill: Find your partner- Palm Heel strikes
Drill: Tabatta Knee strikes - 20 seconds of intense work; 10 second rest; 4 rounds
Choke from the Side
Choke from behind
Drill: groups of 3, large shield; defender on the ground eyes closed; on instructions signal "Go", defender gets up, finds pad holder and attacks with non stop palm heel strikes, attacker; makes Choke from the side or Choke from behind, defender fast and aggressive defense. Reset!

Focus Mitts
Fall Break
Drill: focus mitts; holder calls "down" and puncher must make a fall break, get back up and continue.
Outside defense 1-5
Discuss using attacker as a shield against possible second attacker
Drill: several attackers; defend using outside defenses, and move out of the middle, using attacker as a shield
Ground- side mount position and strikes
Ground- side mount to full mount

Ax Kick
Combination- Front Kick (Groin), Ax Kick
General Def. V. Medium to High Kicks
Plucking/Rowing Def V. Side Kick
Stick- overhead defense
Drill: eyes closed, General Def. V. Medium to High Kicks, Plucking/Rowing Def V. Side Kick, Stick- overhead defense

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