Lesson Plans Thursday, July 30, 2015

John Whitman
July 29, 2015

Beginner Class (A1)

Movement- Shadow Boxing

Palm Heel Strike

Palm Heel Strike from Mount

Drill: Groups of 2, one Large shield and a small shield; striker; palm heel strikes from mount on instructor’s signal “UP” stand up and continue with palm heel strikes from standing on pad; on instructor’s signal “DOWN”, mount pad and continue with strikes.


Choke from Behind

Drill: Non-stop knees, defend choke from behind


Intermediate (C1)

Hook Punch

Round Kick (Quick Review)

Switch Round Kick (Quick Review)


Drill: Thai Pads/ 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Round 1: Work these combinations in the following order: Jab/Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Switch Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/Switch Round Kick.


Round 2: Jab/2 Round Kicks, Jab/Cross/ 2 Switch Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/2 Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/ 2 Switch Round Kick ** Include sprawls**


Round 3: Jab/3 Round Kicks, Jab/Cross/ 3 Switch Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/3 Round Kick, Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/ 3 Switch Round Kick **Include Sprawls & 3 Push ups**


Defense v. Front Kick (Redirect)

Advanced: Knife- Straight Stab

Drill: Defender; eyes closed, defend Straight Stab OR Defense v. Front Kick


Advanced (C1)

Tai Pads: 4 Rounds of 2 Min.

Round 1- Combinations, include kicks, elbows and knees

Round 2- Ground- Grappling/Rolling (submissions only, NO strikes)

Round 3- Combinations, include kicks, elbows, knees and Sprawls

Round 4- Ground- Grappling/Rolling (submissions only, NO strikes)

Knife- defense v. straight stab

Knife- defense v. Forward slash





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