Lesson Plans Wednesday, July 27, 2022

John Whitman
July 27, 2022


Palm Heel

Hammerfist Side

Elbow #3

Grps 3, Striker, 2 Padholders. Striker begins sending Palm Heels to Pad1. Pad2 cues from behind with pad tap. Striker transitions to Pad2 by sending Elbow 3 + Hammerfist Side + Palm Heels. Repeat cue/turn for time.

Basic Takedown Defense


Grps 3, Striker, Padholder, Attacker. Striker sends Palm Heels to Pad. Attacker gives verbal cue. Striker stops striking, orients toward Attacker. Attacker attempts takedown, Striker stops takedown and resumes striking.

Wrist Releases


Grps 3, Striker, Padholder, Attacker. Same as above, but Attacker can attempt to capture Strikers arm and grab wrist. Striker should continue striking with free hand while using wrist release. Attacker can also give verbal cue for takedown attempt.



Forward Roll

Backward Roll

Trap, Buck & Roll


Roaming Attackers. Defenders begin at one end of gym and perform Forward or Backward Roll across mat. Attackers mount Defenders as they land.

Forward Roll, Back Fall Break


Same as above, but Attackers mount holding a pad across chest. Defender begins sending all out strikes to pad. Padholder cues “SWITCH!” passing the pad to the Defender. Defender bucks to begin Trap, Buck & Roll.

Ground - Kick Off from Guard


Same as above, but Attacker can mount or dive into guard, attempting to mount. Defend accordingly.




Knife - Downward Stab

Knife - Upward Stab

Knife - Forward Slash

Knife - Straight Stab

Knife - Reverse Slash


Grps 2, Defender, Attacker w/ knife. Attacker can choose any knife attack above. Defender must choose ONE hand that can be used per defense. Defender must attempt to defend/wrap/control with one arm. If arm gets loose, another attack can be sent.

Note: Yes, it will be hard. If defender fails to capture arm after several attacks, pair should reset.


Same as above, but Defender can wrap arm or defend and make distance, depending on opportunity.


Same as above, but Defender can use both hands.

DRILL - FINAL: Musical Knives

Grps 2, one knife. Knives thrown randomly on floor. All walk randomly. On instructor’s “GO!” find a knife and attack ANYONE!

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