Lesson Plans Thursday, February 6, 2014

John Whitman
February 6, 2014

Beginner (A2)
Punches- L/Right Combo
Drill: partner calls out punching combinations ("Left, Left, Right!", Right, Left, Right!", etc.)
Inside Defense
Choke form the Front with a push- work both sides
Drill: defender- eyes closed, defend choke from the Front with a push with various angles or on attackers gives a verbal signal make Inside Defense.

Intermediate (A2)
Review basic strikes- Punches, Hammerfist etc.
Drill: 3- 45 second rounds of non-stop AGGRESSIVE strikes, 15 second active recovery between rounds- strikes at moderate speed and power.
Defensive Front Kick
Knees- Thai Clinch (quick review)
Drill: Defensive Front Kick, Thai Clinch- Non-stop Knees until pad holder calls "time"
Inside Defense v. Left/Right
Bearhug from behind Arms Free
Drill: defend Bearhug or Inside Defense v. Left/Right, eyes closed

Advanced (A2)
Conditioning Drill:
Left/Right/Right Elbow x 10
10 Push Ups
10 Round Kicks (5 each side)
10 Sit up/ Stand up (partner assist)

4 Rounds as fast as possible, then switch with your partner. See which pair can finish first!

Knife- kick from distance
Knife- defense v. downward stab
Knife- defense v. upward stab
Drill: Groups of 4-5, one large shield; defender; non-stop strikes, attackers; non-stop attacks (any level 1&2 techniques, include Knife attacks)

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