Lesson Plans Thursday, February 2, 2023

John Whitman
February 2, 2023

Movement- Fighting stance, Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back (drill both both sides)
Punches- Left/Right Combination
Drill: "Go" & "Time"- On Instructors signal "Go", non-stop punches, on Instructors signal "Stop", off the pad, move around
Choke from Behind with a Push
Headlock from Behind
Drill: Groups of 3; defender works straight punch combinations on pad (i.e.: R/R/L, L/R/L. etc..) attacker; makes Headlock from Behind or Choke from Behind with a Push.

Defensive Front Kick
Combination: Defensive Front Kick/Left/Right Combination/ 2 Knees
Inside Defense v. Left/Right
Bearhug from Behind Arms Free
Drill: Defender; Eyes closed, attacker; makes a Bearhug from Behind Arms Free or gives a verbal signal, makes Left/Right combination
Ground- Escape form Guard (gouge and stack)
Drill: Groups of 3, One large pad; defender; escape from Guard, stands up, pad holder walks towards defender, defender makes a Defensive Front Kick followed by non stop punches until pad holder calls "Time". Reset!

Drill: Striking Transition- non stop striking drill; the attacker starts in a standing position, striking on pad; then he drops to his knees, then to his back, then again back to his knees, then standing.. but never stops striking! Alternate with partner, three rounds each
Knife- defense v. downward stab- (work both sides & different angles)
Ground- Def. v. Full Mount, hands pinned
Drill: Groups of 3 and a small pad; Defender starts on the ground and defends against Full Mount, Hands pinned, stands up, non stop strikes on pad, attacker; gives a verbal signal, Knife- downward stab- (either side, off angle)

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