Lesson Plans Thursday August 16th

John Whitman
August 16, 2012

palm heel strikes
elbows 1-3
choke from the front - 1 handed pluck
Choke from the front with a push
Drill: 3 people
1 person stands with a pad at one end of the room, 2nd person stands at the other end of the room with their eyes closed. The 3rd person is the attacker, does either choke from the front, or choke from the front with a push. 2nd person defends, then runs down to the other end to make 10 Palm Heel strikes to the pad holder, then takes the pad. Meanwhile the 3rd person closes their eyes and waits for the 1st person to come and attack them. (rotating drill)

Inside slap kick
Outside slap kick
combine the inside slap kick, with a spinning outside slap kick
inside defense v. L/R
inside defense v. L/R (lean back and trap)
inside defense v. L/R (1 hand)
Drill: attacker makes straight punches, either singles or L/R combos. Start by attacking 1 for 1, back and forth. As they start to feel more comfortable have both attackers attack at the same time when they see an opening still going SLOW

2 front kicks with a switch
gun from the side
gun from the front, pushing into the stomach

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