Lesson Plans Monday, September 24, 2012

John Whitman
September 24, 2012

Palm Strikes
Drill: Find Your Partner - using palm strikes
Knees - straight and round
Drill - slow work, giving knees; as attacker covers himself to protect against one knee, find a new target; continue slowly
Choke from the Side
Choke from Behind with a Push
Drill: eyes closed; choke from the side or behind with a push, make defense, find open targets for knees

Focus Mitts
Fall Break
Drill: focus mitts; holder calls "down!" and puncher must make a fall break, get back up, and continue (don't call "down!" too many times)
Outside Defenses 1-5
Discuss moving to dead side, getting behind attacker, etc.
Discuss using attacker as a shield against possible second attacker
Drill: several attackers; defend using outside defenses, and move out of the middle, using attacker as shield

Spinning Heel Kick
Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick (stopping)
Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick (sliding)
Long Gun - Dead Side

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