Lesson Plans Monday, September 16, 2019

John Whitman
September 16, 2019


Left/Right Combination

Front Kick Groin

Drill: Groups of 2, one small shield, the pad is placed in the center of the room between the two partners, partners are at opposite sides of the room facing away from the pads, doing push ups. On instructors signal "GO", they must get up, run to grab a pad. The person that grabs the pad first is either holding or punches or front kick groin. Strikers; non-stop punches or kicks until “TIME” is called. Reset & Repeat!

Head Lock From Behind

Ground- Getting up

Drill: Groups of 3, one small shield, Defender starts on their back, gets up and attacks the pad with straight punches, attacker; at any given time makes a headlock. Reset!



Belt Drill

Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Combination: Left Uppercutt/Right Cross/Switch Left Round Kick (left leg)

Combination: L/R Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Cross/Right Round Kick

Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)

Drill: Light Sparring-2-90 second rounds- include low round kicks

Hair Grab Front



Drill: Monkey in Middle- groups of, one person in the middle; strike one pad until hit with the other pad; turn with appropriate strikes and engage that pad, etc. 75 seconds each person

Headlock from the Side- review

Headlock Spinning Inward

Headlock- Neck break

Drill: attacker makes a headlock; the defender defends, and the two people end up on the ground; immediately, both should begin fighting for a position of dominance

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