Lesson Plans Monday, October 14, 2019

John Whitman
October 14, 2019


Left/Right Combination - use Focus Mitts if possible

Basic Takedown Defense



Drill: defender makes Left/Right combination to focus mitts; attacker then makes 360 attack with right hand; defender makes 360 defense, controls with Basic Takedown defense, and gives knees

Choke From The Front (2 handed)



Front Kick Vertical Target (review)

Side Kick

Back Kick

Drill: groups of 5; defender in the middle with 4 pad holders front, sides, and behind; give front kick, side kick, or back kick non-stop

Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick

Drill: eyes closed; attacker makes any Choke from Level 1 OR gives a verbal signal and then steps forward with groin kick, defender makes Reflexive Defense



Spinning Heel Kick

Discuss the fact that you can use regular round kick defenses v. Spinning Heel Kick, then introduce the following:

Sliding Defense v. Spinning Heel Kick

Stopping Defense

Gun From Behind, Attacker Close (hugging technique)

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