Lesson Plans Monday, November 28, 2016

John Whitman
November 16, 2015

Straight Punches
Front Groin Kick
DRILL: Reaction 1
Groups of 2 (padholder, striker). Striker always throws 4 Straight Punches and 1 Front Groin Kick for each combo. The padholder determines the start of the combo by what strike is held for first, e.g. if FGK, then the striker begins with the kick and ends with punches and vice versa.

Side Hammerfist
DRILL: Reaction 2
Groups of 3 (2 padholders, 1 striker). Same drill as above, but additional padholder can approach striker for hammerfist strike. Striker should send SHF, then burst into new pad with straight punches before returning to original pad.
Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck

Groups of 2 (attacker, defender) with additional roaming padholders. Defender works choke defense. Roaming attacker can show up at any point in the defense and hold for Side Hammerfist. Striker sends SHF bursts in with straight punches before resetting.

360 Defense w/ Counter (only upper if time is an issue)
DRILL: Ground - Strikes while Mounted
Groups of 2 (one on back, one mounted). All out strikes (punches, elbows, hammerfists, etc.) from striker. On “SWITCH” pad is passed to person in mount (or on bottom, depending) and other person begins striking.

Ground - Trap, Buck and Roll

Advanced Technique : Ground - Downward Stab while Mounted
Combines downward stab defense w/ trap buck and roll. Defend knife with 360 and wrap. Buck and roll into guard. Control the knife arm while sending counters. Best takeaway is disarm by destruction, but can also strike or rub the knife hand on the concrete to open/disarm.

Warmup Drill: Slow & GO! Straight Punches
360 Defense w/ Counter Review
Knife - Downward Stab
Sweep w/ Heel Kick
Knife - Downward Stab + Heel Kick*
*Caution that a sweep may not be the greatest idea due to getting closer to/falling on the knife, but sets up for a fun flow.

Ground - Trap, Buck and Roll (Review)
Ground - Downward Stab while Mounted
(A) attacks with Knife - Downward Stab. (B) defends wraps and sweeps, then mounts (A). (B) begins stabbing (A) in mount. (A) defends, counters, regains knife and the flow resets. After several rounds, switch so (B) begins the flow.

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