Lesson Plans Monday, November 26, 2018

John Whitman
November 26, 2018


Left/Right Combination

Drill: pad holder moves around and calls for Left/Right combination; sometimes, after the combination, the pad holder "jabs" with the pad. The puncher must make the combination and then move out of range immediately.

Hammerfist to the Side

Drill: Monkey in the Middle -- non stop punching to one pad until a second pad holder hits from the side; the defender must make a hammer fist punch, then turn and continue striking the new target

Choke from Behind

Drill: Monkey in the Middle as above, but include Choke From Behind



Focus Mitts: Combo #2/switch stance/Left/Right Hook

Focus Mitts: Combo #3/switch stance/Left/Right Hook/Left

Focus Mitts: Combo #4/switch stance/Left/Right Hook/Left

Ground - Arm Bar from Guard

Ground - Guard Reversal



Sparring: 3 minute rounds; must stay in the clinch for the first :30 seconds

Knife Forward Slash

Knife Back Slash

Drill: eyes closed, either attack

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