Lesson Plans Monday, November 26, 2012

John Whitman
November 26, 2012


Straight Punch
Front Kick

Drill (if you can go outside): 200 meter sprint; instructor yells go; defender runs with padholder beside them; any time the padholder wants, they yell "Punch!" or "Kick!" The defender must stop running, turn, and punch or kick the pad until the pad holder yells "Go!" At the 200 meter mark, they switch places and do the same drill coming back.

Drill (if you can't go outside): "Find Your Partner" drill with punches or kicks.

Choke from Behind

Drill: "Monkey in the Middle" - group of 5 people; 1 person in the middle, 3 people with pads, 1 attacker; the person in the middle must strike different pads on command; at any time, the attacker can make Choke From Behind

Bob and Weave
Straight Punches to Tombstone Pad
Drill: non-stop straight punches, instructor calls out burpees (vary the number from 1-6, don't go in sequential order!)
Hook Punch
Low Left Hook (Liver shot)
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Left Hook/duck right hook/Liver Shot/Left Hook High/Right Cross (builld this combination
Headlock from the Side

Focus Mitt Combinations (build these in stages)
1. Left/Right/Left Hook/duck right hook/Liver Shot/pivot out on left foot to change angle
2. Left/Right/slip left jab/step right/Right

Stick Overhead
Stick Baseball bat (if time)
Drill: slow visualization drill with stick techniques

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