Lesson Plans Monday, November 21, 2022

John Whitman
November 21, 2022

Straight Punches
Front Kick to Vertical Target
Drill: Finding your range. 1 kick shield holder and 1 striker. Strikers work at closing the distance. Start by delivering a front kick to vertical target, followed by straight punch combo 2, 3, or 4, followed by control position and 2-3 knee strikes. Then striker disengages by pushing the pad holder backwards into kicking range and repeats the drill.
Choke from behind with a push
Drill: A/B drill. Group A stands in passive stance with eyes shut, Group B attacks Group A individuals randomly with choke from behind with a push. Groups switch roles next round.

WARMUP: Slow & GO! Straight Punches
Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder. On “GO!” all out punches, on “SLOW!” stay in fighting stance, tracking Pad holder as necessary.
Inside Defense w/ Counter (1 Counter)
Inside Defense w/ Counter (2 Counters)
Advanced – Gun – Side of Head
DRILL: Roaming Attackers. Defenders neutral, but hands up, eyes closed. Attackers roam giving verbal cue for Inside Defense OR tactile cue for Gun Side of Head.

DRILL – WARMUP: Slow & GO! Hammer fist Forward
Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder. On “GO!” all out hammerfists, on “SLOW!” stay in fighting stance, tracking Pad holder as necessary.
Chops (Inside & Outside)
2 Knees w/ Switch
DRILL: Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder. Striker cues with pad, Striker sends 1-3 Chops then clinches for 2 Knees. Reset.
Gun Side – Behind Arm
DRILL: Roaming Attackers cue for Gun Side – Behind Arm. Add 2 Knees w/ Switch into counters.

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