Lesson Plans Monday, May 9, 2022

John Whitman
May 9, 2022

Beginner (B2)

Movement in fighting stance (forward, backward, left, right)
Basic Takedown Defense (changing height, moving feet)
Drill: 1 kickshield holder, 1 striker, 1 attacker. Striker puts kickshield holder in control position, using the kickshield holder as a human shield against the attacker. When the drill starts, the attacker must try to run around behind the striker and tag them on the back. The striker must use movement to maintain the kickshield holder as a human shield while also delivering knee strikes to the pad.
Ground-Back Position
Ground-Getting up
Drill: 1 defender, 1 kickshield holder. Defender starts in ground fighting position 6-10 feet away from kick shield holder. Kickshield holder initiates drill by walking towards striker at a constant speed. Striker must get up as quickly as possible, get into control position, and deliver combatives on the kickshield before resetting. As the striker has success, the kickshield holder should start walking faster and faster until striker fails to be able to get up. If striker fails, slow back down (make it challenging, but not impossible)
Intermediate (B2)
Outside slap kick
360 with counterattack
Focus mitt drill: Free work combinations 1-4, pad holder mixes in calls for outside slap kicks (Safety note: kicker must strike mitts with control, not power). Pad holder also calls, "360!" and subsequently throws a haymaker. Striker defends w/ simultaneous counter, gets into control position and delivers 2-3 combatives before disengaging and continuing the drill.
Reverse headlock standing (guillotine choke)
Drill: A/B drill. Half the class (Group A) stands in passive stance with eyes shut. Anyone in Group B may attack anyone in Group A with a 360 attack or with a standing reverse headlock. Safety note: Attackers should jolt defender's shoulder to startle them into opening their eyes BEFORE throwing a 360 attack. For standing reverse headlock, be careful not to stress the back of the defender's neck with getting them to bend forward for the attack to come on.
Advanced (B2)
Mouth of the hand punch
Focus mitt drill: Free work combinations 1-10. Striker mixes in mouth of the hand punch to replace hooks, uppercuts, and overhand punches on their own. Note: not all hooks, uppercuts, and overhand punches should be replaced, just some.
Advanced Gun- from the side or back, assailant using off hand
Drill: A/B/C drill. Group A holds focus mitts, Group B is striking/defending, group C roams around and attacks group B from side/behind with a gun using off hand. After making defense, group be returns to free working on the mitts with Group A. Rotate all groups through all stations.

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