Lesson Plans Monday, May 14, 2012

John Whitman
May 14, 2012

Palm Heel Strikes
Palm Heel Strikes from neutral stance
Palm Heel Strikes with objects in hands (bags, pads, etc.)
Front Kick review
Knees (use Muay Thai clinch)
Choke Front (1-handed)
Drill: eyes closed, defender makes either choke defense or combatives when attacked. TO INCREASE THE DIFFICULTY, have the defender hold objects in hands

Combination: Left/Right/Right Elbow
Defensive Front Kick
Drill: eyes closed, attacker with pad starts at different distances; defender must open eyes, see the distance, and give Defensive Front Kick OR Straight Punch OR Elbow
Ground: Kick Off from Guard
Ground: Arm Bar from Guard (emphasize kicking and getting up after arm bar)
Ground: Arm Triangle

DRILL: STRIKING TRANSITION – non stop striking drill; the attacker starts in a standing position, striking pad; then he drops to his knees, then to his back, then again back to his knees, then standing…but never stops striking! Alternate with partner, three rounds each
Ground: Triangle Review
Ground: Arm Triangle
Ground: Arm Bar
Ground: Kick Off from Guard
Ground: Guard Reversal
Drill: 60 seconds to get out from the bottom using Guard techniques! 3 rounds each
Knife on the Ground from full mount

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