Lesson Plans Monday, March 28, 2022

John Whitman
March 28, 2022


Warm Up: Shoulder Tag (switch partners randomly every 30 seconds). After 2 minutes, drill becomes shoulder and knee tag.

Front Kick (Groin)


Combo: Front Kick/Knee (Same Leg) – work both sides

360 Defense

Choke from Behind

Drill: Group of 3. First person attacks second with single haymaker strikes. Second person defends using 360s. Third person randomly attacks first person with choke from behind between haymaker attacks. First person defends against choke from behind before returning to throwing haymakers at second person.



Hook Punch

Outside defense vs. Right punch

Drill: 2 people w/ boxing gloves. First round, one person attacking the whole time. Attacker throws any odd numbered combination (1, 3, 5, etc.) then throws a big looping right punch immediately after. Defender uses a combination of head movement and covering to address the combination being thrown. Upon seeing the big looping right punch, defender uses outside defense vs. right punch to capitalize on attacker’s opening. Second round, switch roles. Third round, alternate 1-for-1.

Bearhug Behind – Leverage on finger

Drill: A/B drill. Group A positions themselves with space all around on the mat and closes their eyes. Group B then attacks with bearhug from behind. Then groups switch roles.



Review Heel Kick

Spinning Heel Kick

Sliding Defense vs. Spinning Heel Kick

Stopping Defense vs. Spinning Heel Kick

Drill: Shoulder tag. One person in each pair designated as attacker. Attacker randomly throws spinning heel kick and defender may either use sliding defense or stopping defense

Sparring: Boxing gloves, shin guards, & head gear. Light free-work sparring. The goal is to find openings to throw spinning heel kick and recognize spinning heel kicks being thrown. Safety Note: Spinning heel kicks should be thrown with as much control as possible and targeting the shoulder instead of the head in the event the defender fails to recognize the attack or appropriately defend.

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