Lesson Plans Monday, June 29, 2021

John Whitman
June 29, 2021


Straight Punches

Hammerfist Forward

DRILL: G&P Musical Pads

Everyone with Kickshield. On “RUN!” all students run randomly around the room with pad overhead. On “GO!” each mounts pad and sends all out ground and pound strikes to pad. “RUN!” everyone runs again, but instructor takes away one student’s pad. On next “GO!” round, padless student may distract another person striking. Repeat, removing a pad every round.

Ground - Side Position

Ground - Side Kick

Ground - Side Getup (If time)


Roaming attackers. Defender/Striker begins mounted on pad sending all out strikes. Attackers “throw” strikers to ground and pick up pad. Striker gets into Ground - Side position, tracking padholder and sending kicks when approached. After several kicks, padholder should throw pad down, for mount/strikes.



Ground - Fall Break Side

Ground - Side Position/Strikes

Ground - Side to Full Mount

Ground - Elbow Escape (Shrimping)

Ground - Dismount from Full Mount


Grps 2. Assign A/B. Partner A begins low, Partner B pushes from side for Fallbreak, then applying Side position. Partner B attempts to gain mount. If successful, Partner A attempts Elbow Escape while B attempts to Dismount.

Switch positions each round.



General Def v Medium High Kick

Sliding Def v High Kick

Sliding Def v High Round Kick

Stick Baseball Bat Defense


Grps 2. Defender, Attacker, alternate roles each attack. Attacker can send High Kick or Baseball swing, defend appropriately.

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