Lesson Plans Monday, June 26th, 2017

John Whitman
June 26, 2017

Beginner (B3)
Hammerfist Downward
Elbows 4-7
Round kick
Thai pads: round 1- pad holder calls a number 1-5 corresponding to the number of straight punches the striker throws. The striker can mix up rhythm and does not need to alternate L/R, and the padholder catches. Round 2- padholder calls the number of punches, and afterwards holds the Thai pad vertically or horizontally. The striker will read the hold and throw an elbow perpendicular to the hold (e.g. if the pad is held horizontally throw a #6 or #7). Round 3- padholder may now hold for a round kick after punches as well.
Choke from behind with a push

Intermediate (B3)
Side kick (with and without advance)
Outside defense 1-5
Outside defense v right punch
Hair grab front
Hair grab side, impending knee
Drill - defender starts on focus mitts, while attacker gets into position for either a punching attack from outside, holding for a side kick from the striker, or a hair grab. Build this drill over three rounds, adding another type of attack each round.

Advanced (B3)
Plucking/rowing defense vs. side kick
Defense vs. bayonet stab (live and dead side)
Defense vs. bayonet stab (clothesline)
Defender starts in fight stance inside a circle of padholders with large kick shields, who constantly bump and disrupt the defender's balance. An attacker will shout "gun!" and give a bayonet stab from the front, while the padholders separate from the defender. After the defense, the padholders close back in on the defender.

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