Lesson Plans Monday, June 20, 2022

John Whitman
June 20, 2022

Beginner (B3)
Hammerfist to the side
Drill: 2 people, 1 tombstone. Defender; eyes closed. Pad holder; bumps defender from the side or gives a verbal signal, Defender; executes a hammerfist to the side, turn towards the pad and continue with counter attacks until pad holder calls time!
Choke from side
Ground- Getting up
Drill: 3people, 1 tombstone. Defender starts on the ground (laying on stomach) with their eyes closed. Pad holder moves anywhere in the room. Defender; on instructor’s signal, eyes open, get up, locate and advance towards the pad holder with non- stop strikes. Attacker; makes choke from the side. Defender; fast and aggressive defense!

Intermediate (B3)
Ground – Fall break side
Side mount position and strikes
Ground – Side mount knee to belly (disengage)
Drill – Striker begins striking a heavy bag or working focus mitts. A partner positions a ground dummy or tombstone (indicate where the “head” is) and shouts “go.” The striker turns, runs to the pad and starts delivering strikes in side mount. On the “up” command, the striker disengages via knee to belly and resumes striking in their original position
Ground – arm lock from the side

Advanced (B3)
Thai Pads: Round 1- Basic Combinations, Elbows, Knees, sprawls. Round 2- Basic Combinations, Elbows, Knees, sprawls, Med & High Round kicks. Round 3- After every combination, execute 2 round kicks (med & high)
Spinning Outside slap kick
General Defense v. Med to High Kicks
Sliding Defense v. Med to High Kicks
Double Leg Takedown

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