Lesson Plans Monday, June 19th, 2017

John Whitman
June 19, 2017

Beginner (B3)
Wrist releases
Punches - straight punch
Left/right combination
Straight punch low
Inside defense
Inside defense vs. low straight punch
Drill: partner pairs stand on one edge of the mat, beginning with the puncher facing towards the middle of the room. As the puncher advances, the defender retreats. The puncher may throw either a left or right straight punch while advancing, and the defender moves and defends. Once the pair reaches the other end of the mat, work backwards and then switch roles. As the drill progresses add low punches and other attacks like 360s. At first have the puncher follow a predictable left/right pattern but make it more random as the drill progresses.

Intermediate (B3)
Uppercut back kick
Elbows 3-5
Bearhug from behind (finger leverage)
Bearhug from behind (lifting)
Drill: each student runs through an exhaustion drill (dealer's choice). Burpees, lots of strikes, etc. just to get the heart rate up. Have each student walk into a separate training area and deal with a simulation involving two padded attackers. The first attacker engages verbally, harassing and distracting the student. Meanwhile, a second attacker bearhugs from behind, attempting a lift. If possible, the first attacker restrains the student. Have them fight hard and find an exit. This takes time and requires some set-up, so if possible start this early and do this simulation as the rest of class is training other techniques.

Advanced (B3)
Stick - overhead defense
Stick - baseball bat defense
Gun from behind at a distance
Drill: defender first addresses a stick attack (overhead or baseball bat), then another attacker comes up from behind for handgun at a distance. Once they complete the disarm, the defender drops for pushups while the gun attacker distracts the defender with light kicks to the body or gentle whacks with a tombstone. When the stick attacker is ready, they yell "go," and the defender gets up from the pushup position and defends. Go for about two minutes per person, or until technique has degraded too severely.

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