Lesson Plans Monday, June 11, 2012

John Whitman
June 11, 2012

Straight Punches - quick review
Front Kick - very quick review
Front Kick Vertical Target
Drill: Pile of Pads -- half as many pads as people in the middle of the room; some pads for kicking, some for punching. Students are at either end of the room; when the instructor says "Go!" the students must CRAB WALK to the pads. If they get a pad, they hold it for punches or kicks. If they do not get a pad, they must strike non stop until the instructor calls "time!" Do 4-5 rounds. Make it very tiring!
Wrist Releases
Choke Front (2 hands)

Focus Mitt Combo: Left/Left Hook/Right Hook
Focus Mitt Combo: Right/Left Hook/Left Hook/Right
Gun Side, Front of Arm

High Kicks for review
General Defense v. Medium or High Kicks
Sliding Defense v. Medium or High Kicks
Double Leg Takedown

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