Lesson Plans Monday, July 23, 2012

John Whitman
July 23, 2012

Palm Strike
Drill: palm strike/sprint/push up drill
Elbows 4-7
Choke Front (1 hand pluck)
- after teaching the basic defense, use Elbow#6 as a variation for the strike
- use Choke Front (1 hand pluck) as a defense against a shirt grab/punch; against a right handed punch, the defender should pluck with the right hand and strike with the left.

Basic punching and kicking to large shield
Drill: "in" and "out" on instructor command, practicing distance continuum (kicks, then punches, then elbows and knees, etc.)
Forward Roll
Back Fall Break
Forward Roll/Back Fall Break combined
Get up from Ground (review)
Outside Stabbing Defense
Drill: attacker pushes from behind; defender makes forward roll/back fallbreak; attacker rushes forward to kick as the defender tries to get up; defender makes Outside Stabbing Defense v. the kick, and continues with counters.

Focus Mitts - focus on close strikes; elbows, uppercuts, hooks, etc.
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Hip Throw
Stick: Baseball Bat Defense
- as a variation (just for fun!) include the One Arm Shoulder Throw in the counterattacks after a baseball bat defense

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