Lesson Plans Monday, January 7, 2013

John Whitman
January 7, 2013

Straight Punches
Hammerfist to the Side
360 -- incorporate counters either simultaneously (from Level 2) or after the defense if you want to keep it simple.
Drill: Monkey in the Middle -- groups of 4; one person is in the middle, two people have pads, the fourth person waits; the person in the middle makes hammerfists and other combatives to the pads; the fourth person yells and attacks with one 369 attack; the defender defends, counters, and goes back to the pads.

Focus mitts combo #6 (cross/hook/cross)
Focus mitts combo #7 (hook/cross/hook)
Bearhug Front, Neck Leverage - by the end of the lesson, the attacker should put his head on either side of the body, and also in the middle of the defender's chest. The defender must us variations to make the defense.
Groundwork: Kicking off from the Guard
Drill: -- groups of 3 people, 1 pad; defender does Kick Off from Guard; both the attacker and defender get up as soon as possible. The attacker makes a Bearhug from the Front, and the defender must defend, then strike focus mitts until the pad holder calls time; repeat the drill several times.

Sparring: 2 minutes standing, 2 minutes ground, 3 rounds.
Gun from Behind, touching
Knife threat from behind, touching

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