Lesson Plans Monday, January 21, 2012

John Whitman
January 21, 2013

Palm Heel Strike
Drill: Palm Heel Strikes Across Room -- partner backs up a little with each strike; HOWEVER, two or three times the partner stops and yells at the striker to punch harder and faster for a flurry of punches
Combo: Left Palm Heel Strike/Right Knee
Choke Front (1 hand)

Focus Mitts -- 3 rounds of 2 minutes
Headlock From Side
Ground - Kick Off From Guard
Ground - Headlock Side Going Backward
Drill: partner #1 makes Headlock Side Going Backward; partner #2 turns in toward partner #1 and shrimps into Guard; partner #2 then makes Kick Off From Guard

Thai Pads Opposite Stance - 2 rounds of 2 minutes
Gun Side Front of Arm
Headlock, Spinning Inward
Drill: Gun of Headlock

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