Lesson Plans Monday, January 13, 2014

John Whitman
January 13, 2014


Palm Heel Strike

Front Kick Vertical Target


Basic Takedown Defense

Drill: padholder moves forward; defender makes basic takedown defense, then  4 Palm Heel Strikes, then Front Kick Vertical Target

Choke from the Side



Uppercut Punch

Headbutt Forward

Combo: Left/Right/Left Uppercut/Headbutt Forward

Ground - Headlock Side Forward

Ground - Headlock Side Backward

Drill: groups of 3; escape headlock on the ground, get up, and make combination to a second attacker



Jumping Side Kick

Headlock (review)

Headlock from the Side, Spinning Inward

Headlock from the Side, Neck Break

Drill: any version of headlock

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