Lesson Plans Monday, February 4, 2013

John Whitman
February 4, 2013

Stance and movement
Straight Punch with Advance
Straight Punch Low
Drill: move around, make straight punch high or low on partner's command.
Inside Defenses -- lesson with partner switches, give them plenty of practice!

Front Kick Vertical Target (review from level 1)
Defensive Front Kick - include follow up combatives
Drill: attacker advances with Defensive Front Kick; defender makes the kick; attacker either reacts to the kick and retreats OR simply stops, and defender finishes with additional combatives.
Kick Off From Guard
Foot Grab - Stripping
Drill: attacker is on top in guard; defender kicks off from guard; attacker stands up, grabbing defender's foot; defender makes the Foot Grab defense.

Front Kick (review; focus on high front kick)
Scissor Front Kick
Side Kick (review)
Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Medium Side Kick
Redirecting Defense v. High Side Kick

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