Lesson Plans Monday, February 19, 2024

John Whitman
February 19, 2024

Elbows 4 & 5
Straight Punch Low
Inside Defense vs. Low Straight Punch
Headlock from Behind
Drill: 1 attacker, 1 defender. Attacker has tombstone pad available nearby. Defender stands in passive stance with eyes closed. Attacker has the option to bump defender from behind with tombstone and hold for elbow 4 or 5, headlock from behind, or verbally get defender’s attention before bursting in with low straight punch.

Defense vs. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)
Defense vs. High Round Kick (covering)
Thai Pad Rounds (w/ Shin guards); 3min rounds: Round 1 - Basic combinations & Pad holder can throw a High Round Kick at any time. Striker defends by 2 or 3 point block OR covering. Round 2 - Same as Round 1 + counter (combo 6 or 7).
**Note: have students keep shin guards on for the remainder of class to ease transition into final drill.**
Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low (quick review)
Reverse Headlock Standing
Drill: A and B are touching shoulders. A can attack B with Straight Punch Low. If A touches B’s stomach, B gets in position and A applies Reverse Headlock Standing. B defends and both students return to the drill.
Final Drill: Same as previous drill but now A can attack B with High Round Kick as well.  

Chops (Inside & Outside)
Knife – Defense vs Downward Stab
Knife – Defense vs Upward Stab
Knife – Left Handed attacker (Downward & Upward Stabs only)

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