Lesson Plans Monday, December 6, 2021

John Whitman
December 6, 2021


Palm Strikes

Combo: palms strikes Left/Right/Right Elbow

Combo: palm strikes Left/Right/Left Elbow


Drill: drive partner across room giving knees, at half way point, sprawl!

Drill: deliver knee at close range from passive stance (surprise strike), then makes the combos above

Choke from the Front (1 hand)


Straight Punches

Drill: Tabata punches (20 seconds on/10 seconds rest) 4 rounds; include 1 sprawl at the end of each round

Fall Break

Ground - Side Control Positions

Ground - Hip Escape from Side Control

Ground - Get Up Review

Drill:  groups of 3, two pad holders; non-stop punches; pad holder yells "Down!" and defender makes fall break; pad holder drops pad and jumps into side control; defender makes hip escape, gets up, and punches second pad; drill continues non-stop


Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Liver Shot/step and pivot left/Right Uppercut/Right Elbow

Focus Mitts: Right/Left Hook/Right Hook to the body/step and pivot right/Left Uppercut/Right Elbow

Hip Throw - work both sides

Drill: light sparring, open hands; attacker tries to clinch; defender makes Hip Throw

Knife Threats


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