Lesson Plans Monday, December 20, 2021

John Whitman
December 20, 2021

Punches- Straight Punch
Hammerfist to the side
Drill: Groups of 3, 2 pads, 1 round :60 seconds; striker non stop Straight Punches on pad; 2nd Pad holder bumps striker from the side; striker makes a Hammerfist strike to the side, turns and faces the pad and continues with Straight Punches.
Inside Defense
Choke from Behind with a push
Drill: Eyes closed; inside defense OR Choke from behind
Ground: Getting Up (From side position)
Finisher Drill: Ground - Getting up; Non stop knees on pad, until pad holder calls time.

Back Kick
Combo: Back Kick/ turn face the pad/6 Knees
Choke from behind Against Wall
Drill: defender stands near wall, eyes closed; he either gets a light push, and delivers a back kick OR he gets choked and pushed against the wall. BE CAREFUL. MAKE SURE DEFENDERS TURN THEIR FACES WHEN THEY ARE PUSHED TO AVOID BREAKING THEIR NOSES AGAINST THE WALL.

Focus Mitts – including pad holder striking to encourage good defense
Bearhug Behind Arms Free (review)
Full Nelson Sweep
Drill: Bearhug Behind, Arms Free or Full Nelson Sweep (if you don’t have good mats, just “show” the sweep, do not actually take your partner down

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