Lesson Plans Monday, December 11, 2017

John Whitman
December 11, 2017


(note: the punching portion of this lesson plan must be done quickly as review to save time for later drills)

Straight Punches

Drill: "Go" and "Time" on command, non stop punching to pads

Ground - Side Position

Ground - Side Kick

Ground - Get Up (from side position)

Drill: as above, but pad holder says "Down" and puncher sits down (no fall breaks) into side position, kicks, and gets up to continue punching

Choke From Behind with a Push

Drill: as above, but with groups of 3; third person makes Choke From Behind with a Push at any time.



Focus Mitts: Combos 6 and 7

Outside Defenses 1-5

Drill: groups of 3, two people with focus mitts; one person working focus mitt combos 6 and 7; third person making straight punches from outside angles; defender must make an Outside Defense, then continue working Combos 6 and 7 with that attacker; etc.

Choke From Behind With A Pull



Thai Pads: Combo 3K

Thai Pads: Combo 3k/check low right kick/Left Kick/Right

Gun from the Front -- add stress with pushing, kicking, etc.

Gun from Behind at Distance

Drill: attacker begins by pushing, slapping, etc. SOMETIMES, the attacker either moves around to the back of the defender or causes the defender to turn/spin before he can defend; defender must decide whether or not to defend immediately or make Gun From Behind At Distance

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