Lesson Plans Monday, August 25, 2014

John Whitman
August 25, 2014


Fighting Stance and Movement

Left/Right Combination

Drill: pad holder moves, striker follows; on instructor command, throw punches non-stop!


Drill: knees across the room

Headlock from Behind


Hook Punch - low hook to body (liver shot), focus on entry

Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Liver Shot/Left Hook/Right Cross

Reverse Headlock Standing

Ground: Guillotine (advanced technique for this level)

Ground: Defense v. Guillotine (advanced technique for this level)



Thai Pads: combos #3 and #4

Sparring Drill: Combo #3  - partner defends and counters with left jab or left hook

Sparring Drill: Combo #4 - partner defends and counters with right/left hook

Ground - defend kicks when you are on the ground, attacker standing (use round kick defenses)

Takedown - Single Leg (toe pick variation)

Takedown - Single Leg when you are on the ground and your partner is standing (include partner making light strikes to head)

Drill: groups of three; defender starts on ground and defends kicks from two attackers as much as possible; make a single leg takedown when possible, then stand up and do light sparring with second attacker; then switch to a new defender; do three rounds



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