Lesson Plans Monday, August 22, 2022

John Whitman
August 22, 2022

Ground – Side position
Ground – Side Kick
Drill: 1 striker, 1 kick shield holder. Kick shield holder runs around striker out of range, attempting to find an opening. Kick shield holder charges striker (while holding pad ready to receive a strike). Striker delivers side kick from the ground and returns to ground side position. Repeat immediately.
Choke from the front with a push
Drill: Repeat drill from above, except this time the striker stands up if they’re able to create enough room with their kick (if the striker fails to create enough room, they should kick again). Upon standing, the pad holder drops the pad and attacks the striker with a choke from the front with a push. Striker defends, finishes the fight, and then gets back down in their ground fighting position to repeat the drill. Safety Note: Have attackers make sure to stay in their lanes while pushing so there are no collisions.

Review ground fighting position, front kick from the ground, and round kick from the ground.
Ground – foot grab strip
Ground – foot grab spin inward
Ground – foot grab spin outward
Drill: 1 attacker, 1 defender. Defender lies down on their back with eyes shut. Attacker grabs one of their feet and begins dragging them across the mat. Defenders must use the foot grab strip technique as quickly as possible, get into ground fighting position and throw a controlled, light front kick to the attacker before standing up. Reset & repeat.
Drill: Same as above, however, this time attackers may spin defenders inward or outward if the defender misses the foot strip, or if the attacker recognizes the foot strip early. Safety note: attackers must ensure that they do not twist too far, too quickly. They may begin the motion fast, but they must slow down to ensure they do not damage their partners.

Sweep with a Heel Kick
Sweep with a Forward Kick
Drill: Review lower level self-defenses at 50% speed. Incorporate sweeps into combatives when finishing the fight
Defense vs. Bayonet Stab, dead side (clothesline)
Drill: Circle-of-death. 1 defender, 2+ attackers. Any lower level unarmed self-defense and Bayonet stabs are fair game. After defender gets to control position and delivers 2-5 combative, the next attack should be coming on. Defender may try to incorporate sweeps if they wish. Safety note: Defender, be sure that the ground is clear of long guns if you intend to sweep an attacker.

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